Tiny Tadpoles (6 weeks - 12 Months)

Our infants are cared for in a loving family type atmosphere in a room with whimsical pictures. The infants are not only fed, diapered frequently, and rocked, but they also are read to daily, hear songs and music to develop language; they are introduced to stimulating and age appropriate toys, and experience tactile learning through crafts and new discoveries. The ratio of teachers to children is 1 to 5. Children are assigned their own cribs.


Our Infants Class through the Twos class learn music from their teachers in their classrooms.  They love learning simple songs and dances and listening to age appropriate music.


Precious Polliwogs (13-26 Months)

Toddlers learn through sensory experiences that enhance their cognitive, language, motor and social skills. They turn ideas into words and phrases to better express themselves. At Jumpstart Learning Center we balance individual attention and encourage the value of sharing and cooperating through group play. Children at this stage start to develop friendships and gain confidence as they use their words and thoughts to interact with others.


It is important for children to express themselves creatively and our ASL (American Sign Language) program helps children to be able to express themselves before their verbal skills are fully developed. Participation in this program also helps toddlers progress more quickly in their verbal skills.

Puddle Jumpers (2 Years)

Our two year olds are working hard on their communication skills through their interaction with their friends and teacher.   We do activities with the children such as painting, arts and crafts, play dough, puzzles, Duplos, etc.  Circle Time includes singing, reading time, and going over numbers and shapes. 

At this age some children have learned to use the toilet.  However, because maturation comes later for many youngsters, we expect many children to still be wearing diapers.  With the positive example of others in the class, your child will likely want to “graduate” to big underwear sometime during the year.

Our teachers work together with the parents to help with “toilet learning” and make the process fun and exciting for the children.


Happy Hoppers (3 Years)

We aspire to help children develop a positive attitude toward school and learning; develop a sense of high self-esteem; foster an abiding curiosity and development through language arts, music, fine and gross motor skills, art and outdoor play. Learn inner discipline and a sense of order; develop socially-acceptable behavior; and learn to respect those in authority, peers, and self.



Terrific Treefrogs (4's and 5's)

Four and five-year-old children, not yet in kindergarten, are in our Pre-K class. The early learning preschool provides a learning environment for young children that support their overall development and readiness for school and allows each child to progress at his/her own rate towards phonics skills and reading. We aspire to help children develop a positive attitude toward school and learning; develop a sense of high self-esteem; foster an abiding curiosity for their world; learn inner discipline and a sense of order; develop socially-acceptable behavior; and learn to respect those in authority, peers, and self. Our program includes:


  • Reading and writing activities

  • Dramatic play

  • Manipulatives

  • Science and discovery

  • Music

  • ASL (American Sign Language)

  • Indoor/Outdoor play

  • Math

  • Cooking

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